Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You'll be missed, Dirk Deppey

Today is Dirk Deppey's last day blogging for The Comic's Journal. While it's been made clear that the parting is amicable, and only happened because the magazine-turned-website can't afford him anymore, I'm still pretty torn up about it.

Dirk was the first real "comics industry" person I met, at my first convention, The Olympia Comics Festival, where I was a total embarrassment and had no idea what was doing. He was nice, took a copy of my comic and offered to show it to whoever was reviewing mini comics at TCJ then (that person probably either laughed at it or set it on fire or something, it was really bad).

Withouth Dirk writing Journalista...I don't really have a reason to visit TCJ's website anymore, unless I get a Google Alert or e-mail from a friend pointing me to a good review. But "Journalista" brought me to the site daily. I'm wondering how TCJ can afford to lose him?

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