Thursday, September 23, 2010

Derby Girls

Watercolor Sketches

Anyone read this who knew me from Forks Elementary (I lived in Forks before the vampires)?
I was one of those creepy kids on roller skates who'd circle the block all day. The hobby died when we moved to a neighborhood with hills, but had a brief resurrection when I attended a Middle School that offered roller blading as a gym option.

Pioneer Valley Roller DerbyPioneer Valley Roller Derby
From a bout we attended in late August, the Quabbin' Missle Crisis vs. the Florence Fighting Gals.

Guess the point is, I like having wheels on my feet. Probably never going to join a derby team, as I'm too afraid of breaking a hand and have enough to do between the job and comics. But I enjoy it as a spectator sport, and have been thinking about training as a ref.

Watercolor Sketches

There's a roller rink not far from here, the Great View Fun Center, they have an 80's night and cheap skate rentals.

The last of the polaroid film
Me, Jon Chad, Elaina, Jen Vaughn and Beth Hetland

A group of us went skating last weekend, and I only fell once! And that was to avoid killing a little kid who had fallen down in front of me...swear he was doing it on purpose just for fun. Had to re-teach myself how to stop.

The last of the polaroid film
Skating is good exercise.

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