Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Basket Ogress #1 SOLD OUT

I have no more copies of Basket Ogress #1 for sale! It was a numbered, limited edition and they are GONE.

There's a review of it here.

Places where you can probably still find a copy:

I Know Joe Kimple
Trees and Hills (it's not on the website yet, Colin bought a bunch of copies from me. Shoot him an e-mail)
Stephen Bissette might have some copies for sale at his booth in the Quechee Antique Mall, if you're in the area.

And...that's it! At least until the book comes out, and it already looks like I'll be redrawing half these pages for the final book anyway.

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  1. Trees & Hills has one copy left; I'll post it to the (finally-updated) shop after the Spring Tour, if no one's emailed about it or bought it at a convention. Places that might have copies: Casablanca Comics and Green Hand Books in Portland, ME; Toadstool Books in Keene, NH.