Monday, November 23, 2009

Vacation Station

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving everyone! I'm away visiting the family in Middle-of-Nowhere, Washington.

Haven't given up on the NaGraNoWriMo thing (I'm just 10 pages away from finishing), but don't have access to a scanner right now. I'll post the rest of the story once I find one.

In the meantime, this guy wrote a nice review of Tragic Relief, and was kind enough to mention the NaGraNoWriMo thing, too, so if you're looking for something to read you can check out his blog. Thanks, guy!

Some of my Center for Cartoon Studies Buddies have started up new webcomics. Jen Vaughn's mermaid hostel is here. I do love mermaid comics. You can now find Morgan Pielli's creepy sci-fi comics online here. Sam Carbaugh has started posting his diary comics online here. And CCS prof Stephen Bissette has started posting some of his out-of-print comics on his website here.

So yeah, go read that stuff until I can scan in new pages to post.

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  1. Yes, please find a scanner soon, we are on pins and needles here! I will have the same problem during my annual pilgrimage to the South. Why is it Fedex Office/Kinko's never has a scanner larger than 8 1/2 11?

    Excellent review too! Any person with a cat in their avatar photo knows good comics.