Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Two for Tuesday!

I took Monday off for Memorial Day. To make up for it, here's two of my favorite public domain children's classics.

Rootabaga Stories by Carl Sandberg.

"Jimmy the Flea was a climber. He climbed skyscrapers and flagpoles and smokestacks and was a famous steeplejack. Blixie Bimber liked him because he was a steeplejack, a little, but more because he was a whistler.
Every time Blixie said to Jimmy, 'I got the blues—whistle the blues out of me,' Jimmy would just naturally whistle till the blues just naturally went away from Blixie."

Ozma of Oz by Frank L. Baum.

"Now I must explain to you that the Princess Langwidere had thirty heads--as many as there are days in the month. But of course she could only wear one of them at a time, because she had but one neck."

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