Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy (late) St. Patrick's Day!

My last strip for BASH! Magazine is up on the web now. Check it out!

This is the second strip I've drawn about the life of a saint this year. Pretty good for someone who has only been to Mass twice.

Sadly, BASH! Magazine is folding, just like hundreds of other newspapers around the country. For a the word was they were going to keep up the comics calendar on the website, but last week decided that wasn't a viable business model.

Not sure how long the site will be up, so check out the archives while you still can! There's work by a lot of amazing cartoonists here: Dan Archer, Theo Ellsworth, Eamon Espy, Sean Ford, Jeff Lok, Morgan Pielli, Bryan Stone...and a whole bunch of other people I'm forgetting. Go read their comics! You just might learn somethin'.

1 comment:

  1. Is it possible to explore our faith and think about these things through making comics? I think so!

    I really like all these comics and illustrations. Keep up the good work!