Monday, December 15, 2008

Update Blog- CHECK!

This weekend was for checking things off my comics "to-do" list.

New icon for IKJK site redesign. CHECK!

Finish another chapter of the bear story. CHECK!

2 page painted comic for BASH magazine #6. CHECK!

Ink and scan my 3-page submission for Side B. CHECK!

What's left on the list:

-Finish lettering my Side B comic (I've been working on this thing since Spring, but it keeps getting pushed onto the back burner for other projects. No more!)

-Submission for the "Love Comics" anthology that the current CCS freshmen are putting together.

-I was asked to draw a "Bearotaur" or "Minobear", half bear and half bull. Not sure how this is gonna work yet.

OH YEAH! And Rob Clough was kind enough to review some of my work on SeqArt again. The website seems to be down, but Penina found a Google cached version of it. Check it out. He also reviews some of my favorite books that the CCS alums have put together this year. Man, I know some amazing people!

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