Monday, June 9, 2008

MoCCA 2008

It's MoCCA time again!

I Know Joe Kimpel was at tables C25 and C26, which ended up being a pretty sweet spot to show off our sweet new banner.

My little end of the table. The Tragic Relief book had SOLD OUT by 4pm on Sunday. Wow!

While it was nice not to have to haul any of my books home, my bags weren't much lighter for it. Look at all these amazing books! And I hardly even bought anything (it was hard to sneak away from the table, we were so busy) most of this is trades. Thank you everyone who came by the table to give me stuff! Sorry to everyone I missed! Sorry to everyone I said strange things to because I barely slept in three days!

More photos (and adventures with FIRE TRUCKS) here.

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